Creating A
Co Parenting Agreement

The in’s & out’s of co parenting agreements.


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The in's & out's of co parenting agreements.

Do you need a co parenting agreement?

If you have recently separated and are wondering what you need to do when it comes to parenting after separation this webinar is for you.

I get that you may still be processing and coming to terms with your separation, but, unfortunately your children need an arrangement (even if it is just temporary) in place so that they can continue to see you both.  At the end of the day, your separation is not because of them but it is going to impact them.  Your role now is to reduce that impact as much as possible


During this webinar I will go back to basics to that you leave knowing what you need to do to create a co parenting agreement that is going to work for you and your kids.  


creating a co parenting agreement will start in....


Your Host

The Relationship Architect - Lorrie Brook

Lorrie Brook

The Chief Designer Mediator/FDRP

Hi I a Lorrie and I will be your host at this webinar on the In’s & Out’s of Co Parenting Agreements.

I have been working in the Family Law Space for almost 20 years now and throughout that time, I have come to see the impact that ongoing conflict and instability can have on your children.  More than that, I have seen the burden that unnecessary legal fees can have on you.

Which is why I am hosting this webinar.  I want you to learn  what you need to, so you can do as much as possible by yourself and for your family – without being afraid of making a mistake.

Are you ready?