Our Referral Program

are you a great referral partner?

When your reputation is on the line – referrals are only made when you know that your client will be in good hands.

But this is a two way street, and I want to make sure that clients who are being referred to me are client’s I can actually help.  Which is why I have a 2 step process.  Because if you can provide a video saying why you want your clients to do my work than I know that we are both on the same page (plus you can use this when you do refer a client my way so that’s a win/win!).

So thank you for trusting me to sign up to my affiliate program.  

do you want to apply to be a referral partner?

As you may have guessed I have a 2 step application process in place.  If you have your own affiliate program you know how time consuming they can be so I want to make sure that we are creating a referral program that is going to benefit everyone!


STEP ONE: Fill in application form below

STEP TWO: Record a testimonial video (make sure this is one you can use for your clients as well so you are saving time in the long run!)



Upon submitting the form above you would have been directed to a page where you can record a short video testimonial.

If you have closed the browser down already without doing this, don’t stress! If you check your inbox you will also be receiving an email from me which also contains the link.

This video does not have to be very long in fact please try to keep it to under 3 minutes.  Once we have received this, your application will be approved within 24 business hours.


Don’t forget you can use this video for your own page with your affiliate link!


We provide a 25% commission for all of our courses and services to anyone who is an approved referral partner with us.

Referral fees are paid on the last calendar day of each month for all fees however there is a 60 day hold on all payouts.  That is, payments will only be received for referrals made 61+ days prior to the current payment period.  

If you have ever run a paid referral program you know that they are a lot of work and often people will sign up and not refer.  Which does not help anyone!

So to overcome this, I have implement this 2 step process because quite frankly, if you have a reason for referring (which is essentially what your video is about) you will refer.  

Cookies are tracked for a period of 90 days.

At this juncture the software I am using (Go Higher Level) does not have an affiliate portal.  However I have been told it is coming so once it has been released and I have access to it I will provide it.  In the mean time, if you ever wish to know where you are sitting with your affiliates please get in touch and I will let you know.