Relationship Mediation

What is relationship mediation?

The aim of relationship mediation is to help you both to focus on the issue and look for ways forward. It is not a exercise in rehashing what has happened in the past over and over again – this is all about working together to overcome and create a stronger team moving forward.

Relationship mediation is not a therapeutic based tool.  It is a problem solving tool.  One where we are able to work on issues that are important to you and focus on how you can achieve an outcome to move forward. 

During a relationship mediation we are focusing on the following 3 areas:

Benefits of mediation


Improve how you talk and listen to each other.

Benefits of mediation


Improve the confidence and goodwill in your relationship

Benefits of mediation

Conflict Resolution

Improve your skills to address and solve problems in the future

Arguing - What's the point?

Should i stay or should i go?

When you start having the same arguments and issues over and over again in your relationship that is the time to do something different.   You know those days when you are asking yourself – should I stay or should I go.  That is the time when Relationship Mediation will work the best for both of you.

How does it work?

Agree and schedule a relationship mediation
Attend the first individual session for the relationship mediation
Attend the joint relationship mediation sessions
Practice and work on what was agreed during the relationship mediation sessions

Your Mediator

Lorrie Brook The Relationship Architect

Lorrie Brook

The Chief Designer, Mediator & FDRP

Do you still have a question?

If you are still unsure if this is right for you, book a time that suits you so we can go over your questions and concerns and figure out the best way forward.