ReVitalise Your relationship


get ready to create more connection & joy

in just 5 days


Over the course of 5 days let me guide you to find those little moments that we often overlook.  Those tiny fragments in our day to day lives that once meant the world to us. 

You see, they haven’t gone missing or stopped existing.  We have simply stopped looking for them and so they hide in the shadows.  And eventually we loose sight of them altogether.

But the good news is we can find them again.  We can bring them out in the light and watch them shine brightly each and everyday if we want to.  

The choice is yours.


❌it won’t take hours.

❌ it won’t cost you a cent (unless you choose to buy your other half a present 🎁😉)

✅each day I will send you a short video (no more than 5 minutes)

✅each day there will be 1 task that can be done in as little as 30 seconds (the time it takes to send a text).

These small but powerful tasks will help you to rebuild and reignite that connection in your relationship. It is that simple.


To take part, simply fill in this form and you will be in!