Realising business success

If you’re anything like me the term business plan makes you feel overhwlemed, small and just plain crazy for thinking you could ever have a successful business if you can’t even put a business plan together.  I mean serious – where do you even start?!

But over the last 15 years if I have learnt anything about being in business is that you need to do things that feel right to you.  

If you are the type of person who needs to direction a detailed business plan is going to give you then do that.  But if you are not (and I’m guessing if you have found yourself here you aren’t) then why waste your time creating a document that you will only put in the top drawer and never look at it again.  

Your business is ever evolving.  What works today might not work again in 6 months time.  What you are offering today might differ in the future so don’t be stuck to a document that doesn’t grow with you.

That is why I have created my Success Pages.  They are short, sharp and sweet and give you what you need to know.  And it is completely free because I want you to succeed. I want you to share all of your wonderfullness (yes I have made that word up) with those around you. Why? Because the world needs you.

Business Planning for success