relationship mediation booking

If you want to schedule Relationship Mediation or consider Relationship Mediation for your relationship this is the appointment for you. 

During this appointment you can find out:

  • what it is and how it works;
  • what you need to do to prepare;
  • how long it will take;
  • the answers to any other questions you may have.
Below there are two appointment options available.  If you live in or around the Central Highlands in Queensland you may wish to have an in person appointment , otherwise I am able to speak with you by zoom no matter where you are in the world. 

Zoom appointment- relationship mediation

Schedule Relationship Mediation


Schedule Relationship Mediation

HOW DO I schedule relationship MEDIATION?

Relationship mediation is a great way to discuss issues you have with your partner before they get out of hand.  Despite there being a stigma that things need to be bad for it to get this far – the opposite is actually true.  You are both taking pro active steps to make sure it doesn’t get that bad – putting you and your relationship first. 

To schedule a relationship mediation the first thing you need to do is book an appointment to chat with us.  During this appointment we will get details of what is going on.  Then, we will provide you with our mediation & fee agreement.  Once this has been returned we can get the process started. 


how does the mediation work?

A relationship mediation is split up over a few appointments.  After the initial appointment we set up an appointment for you both individually and from there we will schedule 3x 2 hour mediation sessions.  We separate it over three (3) blocks to give you both the opportunity to work through an issue, go away and check that the solution actually works and then we can make any tweaks during the next session.  You have up to three (3) months from the date of the first joint mediation session to use the 3 blocks so it can be done as quickly or slowly as you wish.