Why can’t we stop fighting?

Why can’t we stop fighting?

Why can’t we stop fighting?

How many times have you asked yourself this question?  Most of us have asked it on numerous occasions.  

It get’s to the point where you feel like all you are doing is arguing and fighting and it all comes back to the same damn argument.  

Which makes you so frustrated that inside you are screaming “Why can’t we stop fighting?”.

But to stop the fighting you shut down, walk away, pretend you don’t care or even worse, threaten to leave.  Whilst this might work for a short period of time, it isn’t too long until the next fight starts and the merry go round starts all over again.

And then you find yourself asking – Why?  Why:

  • do they do x?  
  • won’t they just x?  
  • do they behave that way?  
  • can’t they see what I am saying?  

Why, why why?

We feel like everything is so complicated, difficult, wrong… the list goes on.  We talk and question – why can’t things be better, easier, happier?  

But we are all looking for answers outside of us.  We are all wondering what is the magic bullet that will take away this pain and suffering as if it is yet to be invented.  

But is that the answer?

I don’t think so.  

I read a poem recently and I was struck by the simplicity of it all.  It goes like this…

“He said to build a better world 

I said “I would but how? The world is such a cold dark place and complicated now, for I am small and helpless. There’s nothing I can do”. 

He said “Of course there is; just build a better you.””

And there it is.  The answer to the problems we are all facing.  When things are dark, challenging, confronting and plain difficult – the answer isn’t outside of us.  It is inside each and everyone of us.  

If we want to stop fighting, if we want things to be change.  We need to change.

Next time you utter the phrase “There’s nothing I can do” – remember what comes next..

“…He said “Of course there is; just build a better you.””

If you are ready to build a better you – click here.

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