Should relationships be hard?

Should relationships be hard?

Have you ever found yourself wondering should relationships be hard? Tiring? Exhausting?  And just plain difficult?

Only to be followed by the thought… if my relationship was meant to be it wouldn’t be this hard.  It would be easy.

And a quick flick through instagram or tik tok will have you believing if it is hard it is doomed.

I don’t agree.  I remember someone telling me once to be careful of the power of the mind. And I didn’t really understand what they meant when they said that at the time. But now I do. You see the narrative you tell yourself plays a huge role in how you perceive any given moment or situation.  At any time you can choose to see the negative or the positive – the choice is yours.

Relationships are no different to this.  

You can choose to see your relationship for all of the positives or you can choose to see your relationship for the struggles, difficulties and complications it brings.  

The power here rests with you. 

Your mind is a powerful beast. Your thoughts come and go and every now and again you grab hold of a thought like it was fact. Truth. All knowing and being. 

But you can choose to give it meaning one way or the other. That is up to you. 

Think about this, have you ever had a bad day when you were just cranky, grumpy or just in a bad mood for no reason?  Then have you every had someone ask you “what’s wrong?” Only you can’t answer them – there isn’t anything wrong your just having a bad day. But the answer “nothing” doesn’t cut it. So they keep asking and asking and asking to the point that they make you cranky. Arghhhhh. 

As a human being it is natural for you to want a reason. But sometimes there isn’t one and that search just over complicates a simple situation. A bad day doesn’t need a reason. A bad day can be just a bad day. 

Relationships are no different.  You can have good days and you can have bad days.  Sometimes there will be a reason and sometimes there won’t.

So next time this happens to you, stop and ask yourself if you need a reason or is it enough to just be. 

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