Gratitude has great power…

Gratitude has great power…

When you practice gratitude your eyes are open to beauties you didn’t see before. Gratitude has the power to change a negative into a positive without changing a thing.

Do you feel like you are constantly replenishing the goodwill in your relationship but with nothing else coming back? 

Are you the one making all of the effort and not seeing anything in return?

Let me share with you a story about Tam & Jerry.

Tam and Jerry were in a rough spot in their relationship.  They were both feeling stuck, unappreciated and their conflict levels were at an all time high.  They knew they loved each other. But they just could not get over this hurdle that was in front of them. To Tam this hurdle looked like a 6ft brick wall with no gaps to climb.


When Tam and Jerry spoke about the love that they have for each other, there was magic. Yet this magic wasn’t being felt by anyone else.  Help! They pleaded.

You see, Tam and Jerry were so focussed on the obstacle in front that they both forgot a simple lesson of life.  To be grateful for what they have.  They were so focussed on everything that the other was doing wrong, or to annoy them that they were blind to the times that they did something nice.

When you can change the focus from all that is wrong to all that is right – when you create a power of gratitude in your life so strong that it is automatic you will find that your outlook is different. 

Sometimes the most simplest of tools is all that is needed for us to be able to change direction and find the true power of gratitude.  

If you would like to join me for a 5 day gratitude challenge you can sign up to my free mini course here.

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