Have you ever noticed how those two little words, “just because,” can pack a punch in our relationships?

It’s something I’ve come across quite a bit, and believe it or not I spend A LOT of time working with people who want to fight “just because”.

And those two little words can come to light in various forms:

  • “Just because they shouldn’t have hurt them.”
  • “Just because they shouldn’t have treated them that way.”
  • “Just because if they can’t have ‘it,’ then no one else should either.”

But here’s the thing about “just because” – it’s often a fancy way of making excuses. Trust me, if you look hard enough, you can always find a “just because” to justify your actions or reactions, no matter the situation.

The real problem with excuses is that they don’t do anyone any favours, especially not you.

They serve as a shield, preventing you from confronting the facts, from diving deep into your own feelings and emotions. And I get that facing those emotions head-on can be intimidating, even downright scary.

But here’s the silver lining: once you muster the courage to confront your feelings, you open the door to a world of self-discovery. It’s a journey where you get to explore what truly makes you tick, what you adore, and what you can’t stand – both in yourself and in others.

And when you do this in your relationship it becomes the magic sauce you never knew you needed.

All of a sudden you can begin to understand why things tick you off and why other things are ok. And because of this, you can start to have real conversations. You can let go of expectations and judgements and call it what it is.

If you’re feeling lost in the maze of emotions and excuses, and you need a hand to guide you through this journey of self-discovery, this is what ReSet is all about. It’s a step towards a more fulfilling, honest, and authentic version of yourself.

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