In all my years of practice, I’ve never witnessed a couple leaving court as better friends than when they entered. It’s a sad reality, but thankfully, the same can’t be said for mediation. Which is why I am a big believer in it.

So why Mediation Not Litigation?

When entangled in litigation, you’re not just exposing your private matters in public. You may also endure words and statements from your ex that will haunt you for years. Unfortunately, legal representatives often twist and manipulate these words for their own purposes, with little regard for the long-term impact on your relationship. Especially concerning your children.

Mediation, or family dispute resolution as it’s known in family law circles, offers an alternative approach. In my view, it’s not just about achieving an outcome; it’s about preserving the foundations of a relationship that you can build on. Yes, there will be compromises. No, neither of you will get everything you want (but let’s face it, that rarely happens in litigation either). However, mediation allows both parties to not only express their desires but also understand the reasoning behind them from the other person’s perspective.

The most significant aspect of mediation is that it empowers YOU to decide the fate of your family. You’re not leaving critical decisions in the hands of a third party who lacks insight into your day-to-day lives. Instead, you’re making those decisions together, demonstrating to your children that you can work together to find solutions. What better way to show them that today, as their parents, you decided on a path forward that serves everyone’s best interests?

If you’re curious to learn more about why you should focus on mediation no litigation, schedule a free 15-minute chat with me here. Let’s explore how mediation can pave the way for a more amicable resolution to your family dispute.

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