Why does the fighting never stop?

Why does the fighting never stop?

Arghhh it has happened again! Another day, another argument. Now you are internally screaming – “Why does the fighting never stop!!!”

It is no surprise that when we have the opportunity it is so easy to continue the fight.

You can always find something to fight over if you look for it.

But the real strength comes from finding a reason to stop fighting.

Knowing that being right isn’t always worth it; and even more that the cost of continuing the fight is far greater than it is worth.

Fighting can become so second nature that it is hard to see a different way forward no matter how much we want to. But because we don’t know how to change things, we go looking in the wrong place which just over complicates everything. Then, in the end, we convince ourselves that relationships are hard work.

But what if I told you they don’t have to be.

You see, despite our differences, we all crave sameness.

We all crave the desire to feel good and be accepted.

And when we do feel good we have this wonderful ability to bring out the best in each other.

We communicate well, we can create the trust and goodwill to further strengthen our relationships and stop the fighting.

When you realise this, when you have the ability to understand how you can create this – you will never see a relationship the same way.

Would you like me to show you how to do this?

To start, I have a free guide which will give you 5 clear actions that you can take today to improve your relationships.  

This isn’t some wishy washy words that mean nothing – these are clear actions that you can take and implement in your current day to day life.  

If you are someone who struggles with your relationships – this is for you.

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