Can we have an amicable separation?

Can we have an amicable separation?

Can I have the amicable separation I dream of????

If you are thinking of separation, you might be hoping that everything goes smoothly; so much so that you are asking yourself can you have the amicable separation you desperately want. Then you open your mouth and all that goes down the drain. You can’t agree on anything so how on earth will you be able to have an amicable separation? 

That only happens in movies, right????

I have a secret though – it can still happen.  Do you want to know how?

Whilst it needs both of you to want an amicable separation, the one thing you can do first is to work on you. Make sure that you understand your strengths, weaknesses and how you communicate.

If both of you want an amicable separation, then the first step is a mediation.

A mediation will provide you both with a controlled environment where you can talk and not end up down the rabbit hole.

Some people may be able to and may want to do this themselves which is fine – the important thing to remember is to have a safeguard in place for when the conversation starts to get out of hand.

The next step is to have a communication plan in place for how you will share information going forward.

When children are involved the one thing that is guaranteed is that nothing is guaranteed. Things change all the time – and whilst you may have an agreement in place which co eta times and holidays you need to have a plan for when things come up that are outside of this agreement. Because they will!

Family mediation is a great way to both ensure that you part ways with as little conflict as possible whilst also providing a plan for how you can communicate going forward. If you want to find out how we can help you with an amicable separation give us a call on 1300 433 302 or book a time to chat with us today.

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